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Bedtime! – No Cuddles Tonight

My wife and I have the kids on a pretty tight bedtime schedule. Actually “I” have the kids on a pretty tight schedule, extraordinary really when considering how the first few years went but now the end of the day is pretty simple: Dinner > Family time > Pajamas > Teeth brushed > Story > […]

Teaching Your Child Commitment – Part II

My eldest daughter loves soccer more than anything. She loves practises, games, impromptu passing sessions in the back yard, you name it and she is in. The most significant opportunity to teach our little darling what commitment and dependability meant was this year just prior to Christmas. In our home, school comes first then activities […]

The Pampered Child – Formerly Known As "Spoild Rotten Little Brat"

Children today are without question a privileged lot. They have access to more services, more products, more activities and more attention from the adults in their life than we ever did.  Society has unwittingly or perhaps wittingly created a world where the wants of our children supersede all else. The scary thing is that if […]

Teaching Your Child Commitment – Part I

Teaching commitment and dependability to a child can be a difficult thing to do but it is a vitally important personality trait to foster in any child. A simple illustration of just how important commitment and dependability are is to simply think of those in your life that you trust the most. Chances are these […]

Free Range Children?… Just Look East

Years ago I was involved in a debate in University as part of a Geography course I was taking. The question being debated was: Should first world countries be obligated to make third world countries more westernized. Much to my chagrin I was placed on the NO side of the argument. I was idealistic back […]