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Just Say No (Part 4)

Well let’s get back on track here. It has been a while since I have contributed to the “Just say No” series, so here we go. I have received a couple emails about my last post, where I used the analogy of fencing a kid in using the word “NO” as fence posts and our […]

The Curmudgeon Candle Monger

Wow! I have to say I never imagined I would be a Wickless Candle Distributor. Actually I am not sure I can call myself a distributor yet, I have yet to sell a single candle but then again it has only been 24 hrs since pressing the “Join” button. I suppose I need the kit […]

Just Say No… An Analogy (Part 3)

In the beginning when your child is small, so to are the things which your darling little child wants but you instinctively feel the need to say NO to. Things like wanting to stay up past bed time, sharing your bed with a pint sized mix master,  the toy in the store window, the extended […]