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My Father

Well it happened, after many years of battling Parkinson’s, my father finally lost his fight. I have to say I am glad he no longer has to suffer the pain and the indignity that he was subjected to in his final months. For someone who lived his life with honor, honesty and hard work he […]

Your Kids Are Your Own Fault

I have to say, I  just howled when I saw this book being advertised online and just had to give it a read. It had that Old School Parenting ring to it and I couldn’t let it pass by without a comment. If nothing else buy this book  to leave laying out when you have […]

Just Say No (Part 5)

As I have said a number of times in my Just Say No series, this philosophy is not about depriving your child of their wants, needs or opportunities.  Just Say No is more about teaching a child about the realities of life. Just Say No is about teaching your child that in life there are boundaries which they must […]