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I have to say, I don’t get the backpack phenomenon. I don’t think I had anything to carry my books in until I was in at least grade 7. Today however, kids carry everything but the kitchen sink in the silly things. Books, water bottles, lunch, gym strip, various treasures collected throughout the day… They are catchalls for every […]

The Death of Thank You

In the past 11 years of parenting, my wife and I have managed to do one thing right and if this is the only good thing we manage to do, it is perhaps one of the most important lessons we could possibly teach. Now this is significant so get ready… It is a big Lesson […]

Kids Guns & The Truth

I was having a pint the other day with one of the other soccer dads, it was one of those getting to know you beyond the soccer pitch kinda things. As we quaffed our beer, we talked about our families and a few other manly topics that I won’t get into here and then the […]