The Parenting Old School blog is an extension of  All About Baby Shop. The author of the blog is Keith Rispin,  a parent of 10 + years and a 15 year teaching veteran who specializes in working with at risk youth. It is from this unique perspective along with his own no nonsense upbringing that Keith makes old school parenting new again.

Keith writes from the perspective that parenting has become far too permissive in the past 20 years and tries to to shed some light on the absurdity of today’s soft and over indulgent parenting styles. Keith believes that a parents role is to say “No” more than “Yes” and that disappointment and a few tears never hurt anyone and is part of a good old fashioned upbringing.

Regardless of your perspective on parenting and how best to raise your children, we hope you will find something to either like, love or even absolutely despise. It is only through dialog about the differences in our perspectives that we can make the world a better place for ourselves and our children.