Parents Responsible For School Performance

Who speaks such Blasphemy you are asking?

Well the New York Times said it, so it must be true. In a may 20th article called Who’s Failing Grade Is It? columnist Lisa Belkin looks at the growing trend of state governments, trying to fix the problem of declining schools by creating laws, which punish parents when their kids don’t perform at school.

The thinking goes like this: If you look at schools that “work,” as measured by test scores and graduation rates, they all have involved (overinvolved?) parents, who are on top of their children’s homework, in contact with their children’s teachers, and invested in their children’s futures. So just require the same of parents in schools that don’t work, and the problem is solved (or, at least, dented), right? (Belkin May 20, 2011)

When I read this I couldn’t believe my eyes. I figured I was going to have to add hallucinating to the long list of my mental deficiencies because what Belkin suggests is just straight up crazy talk.

Who woulda thunk it, parents are going to have to be responsible for how their kids perform in school. That is absolutely amazing! but wait… isn’t that how it is suppose to be? I know that is how I grew up and that is how we are raising our daughters. When our eldest child brought home a less than acceptable report card last term, the conversation we had with our daughter never even came close to broaching on what the teacher did or did not do in the classroom.

On the rare occasion that we speak with our daughters teachers, it is never for the purpose discovering what that teacher has done to serve our children’s needs. The conversations always revolves around what WE as parents and our daughters as a students, can do to improve there academic performance.

I have to say that it is very refreshing to see that people are starting to once again look at parents as agents of learning in their children’s lives. The teacher bashing of the past 30 years has become a bit tiresome and quite frankly, completely illogical.  Today’s teachers are more educated than ever before, with the knowledge gained from amazing advances in learning theory over the past 20 years, at their disposal. The teaching profession is constantly improving and moving ahead all the while it is the family that has been going to hell in a hand basket.

Whether legislating how people parent is a good idea? I am guessing it will not go well but the saddest part in all this is that common sense, now has to be legislated.

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