Modern Parent = Neurotic Child

I love this! Yet another piece of evidence to support the Old School Parenting philosophy. A recent study, presented on May 29 at the Association of Psychological Science Convention in Boston, is raising the alarm about helicopter parenting and how it is producing neurotic children.

While it is refreshing to see that this issue is finally getting some attention from the scientific community, it is also frustrating. Why it takes a “scientific study” before anyone pays any attention to what teachers, youth workers and clinical psychologists have been saying for years, is beyond me.

One of my favourite books on this subject was written several years ago by Dr Maggie Mamen called the Pampered Child Syndrome. Although this book primarily looks at overindulged children, it also outlines all the mental health issues presented by over indulged AND over parented kids. It is simply magical in its message and a must read for any parent.

Yet another book I reviewed, The Narcissism Epidemic, looks at how today’s “little Prince and Princess” parenting style has set upon this world a generation of narcissists who feel that the world should fall at their feet. It too is creating mental health issues in young adults because when they leave home and venture into the real world, not everyone thinks they are as wonderful as their parents do.

Recently, the CBC produced a great documentary called Hyper Parents and Coddled Kids, which broaches the subject of helicopter parenting using startling stories of coddled, over parented children. The documentary illustrates the absolute insane lengths parents are going to, in an effort to ensure their children “succeed” in life. In reality they are creating inept adults who cannot survive in this world without mommy and daddy.

The list of evidence is mounting and getting to the point that we as a society can no longer ignore the fact that in many ways new age parenting is grievously flawed. Although I may come off as a miserable curmudgeon in most of my blog posts, it is this very  issue which prompted me to start Parenting Old School. I firmly believe we are ruining our children, by over parenting and over indulging their little lives.

We need to remember that Children:

  • Need boundaries
  • Need to be disappointed
  • Need to hear the world NO
  • Need to understand that they are not in charge
  • Need to understand that with privilege comes responsibility
  • Need to understand that they need to contribute to the family not just take from it.

While parents:

  • Need to understand they are not their children’s friend
  • Need to understand that they are in charge not their child
  • Need to understand that when you say NO make it stick
  • Need to understand that your job is to provide for your child’s needs not their wants

There is no need to have Neurotic Children if people would just parent!

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