Why Is My Teen So Trashy?

I was standing in the grocery checkout the other day and spotted The Macleans Magazine with a  cover story called Outraged Moms & Trashy Daughters. Upon seeing this, I knew in an instant what my next blog post was about.

The long and the short of the article is that:

There seems to be a growing gap between today’s teens and their mothers. Today’s mothers are of a generation that has come closest to achieving equality with men. They have worked hard to be seen as something other than sex objects. Their social and professional power comes from what they can offer in the boardroom not the bedroom. They are independent, strong willed people who have chosen their own destiny, free of sexual objectification.

On the other hand these women are raising girls who are embracing the notion that sex is the ultimate power. That intellect and ability are passé all any girl needs to do to be successful is to look HOT! (I embellished a bit).

Now, as a father of two girls who are “Pre Trashy Teen”, this article was of special interest. I was hoping for a sort of “How Not To Raise A Trashy Teen” article but unfortunately it wasn’t. It did however get me thinking about how to avoid raising the next Paris Hilton in a world where Trash is très chic”.

My first thought was to take the easy route and vilify the likes of Paris Hilton or the corporate media but then I remembered that when you point a finger someone or something else, there are three fingers pointed right back at you. So then I thought, what could be the reason that kids who come from families with strong, successful women are turning out so trashy?

In my following posts I will take the position that the hyper sexualization of our youth is not just a “Girl Issue” but instead it crosses both genders and that the pressure to “Look Hot” is as significant for boys as it is for girls or as a I recently overheard a young girl say, “He has to look doable before I will date him” . Finally, I will take a look at some possible reasons why kids are turning to trash rather than taking it out.  I will focus on 4 possible elements related to parenting which contribute to trashy teens.

I will also provide some excellent resources on Teens, Body Image and the Media which you may find helpful.

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