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Do you want the Coach talk or the Dad talk?

I admit it, I am a horrible father but that is OK, at least my kids are always told the truth. Not that what I said was all that horrible but by today’s parenting standards, I should probably be reported to social services. This story begins the other weekend when my daughter and her team […]

Making Selects

In our household it is all soccer all the time, not from my end but from my eldest daughters. She LOVES the game and will play year round if given the¬†opportunity. Her career goal is to be a professional soccer player or perhaps an Olympian so moving up in the ranks is very important to […]

What To Do?

Ah the life of a soccer parent. Oh so much fun and sometimes oh so difficult, especially when the game starts to become serious. Over they years, I have been a coach of various sports for youth and have seen the great, good, bad and the ugly when it came to parents. Parents come in […]