What To Do?

soccer Ah the life of a soccer parent. Oh so much fun and sometimes oh so difficult, especially when the game starts to become serious.

Over they years, I have been a coach of various sports for youth and have seen the great, good, bad and the ugly when it came to parents. Parents come in all shapes, sizes and levels of mental health.

When it came time to start enrolling my own kids in sports I promised myself that I would not become one of those obnoxious and overbearing sport dads and I am happy to say that, to date, I have accomplished this. What I was not prepared for was figuring out the nebulous rules regarding just how hard do you push/support  your child in their sport of choice?

Until now, I have happily let my children choose their activities and enjoy the game as they see fit but this year there is a wrinkle . It is the last year for my eldest daughter to play for the sake of playing and next year they will be exposed to a selection process where kids are chosen to play at the various levels. They are already scouting these 11 & 12 year olds in preparation for “tryout invitations”

Now ordinarily I wouldn’t think much about it but my daughter wants to make the Gold level selects team next year. She has flashes of brilliance which would suggest she has a genuine shot at it but her level of effort this year has not been great. Fortunately for her the scouts happened to see her in a game in which she was on fire but at the rate she is going it is likely that next time she wont.

The question is what do I say to her? “Smarten up or you can forget selects!” – “What the hell are you doing out there!” – “You need to get your head in the game!” or do I just let it ride?

My inclination is to give her a little talking to but does that make me one of those psycho parents or is it giving direction and support in helping your child accomplish their goals?

Oh the joys of being a soccer dad.

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