The Death of Thank You

In the past 11 years of parenting, my wife and I have managed to do one thing right and if this is the only good thing we manage to do, it is perhaps one of the most important lessons we could possibly teach.

Now this is significant so get ready… It is a big Lesson in life!

In eleven years of parenting, we have managed to train both of our daughters to say THANK YOU!  Whether it be after soccer practice, a day at school, a music lesson, a play date, a visit with their favourite Aunt and Uncle, dinner out with friends… Both kids will freely utter a meaningful thank you.

So important, I believe Thank You, to be. I even quit coaching youth over it. The use of Thank You had been waining over the years but after I spent an entire season coaching without hearing this simple act of gratitude pass the lips of the young adults I was coaching, I felt that it was time to pack it in.

It wasn’t until yesterday when I was picking my daughter from soccer that I actually thought about my retirement from coaching. My daughter was running off the field then stopped, turned and thanked the two young ladies who were running her soccer clinic that night. Only 6 kids out of 20 made this effort but what was even more peculiar was that the parents of the kids who did not say thank you, walked onto the pitch to thank the coaches.

I was flabbergasted! Instead of turning their kids around and telling them to say thank you themselves, they took on this responsibility for them. Not only are they paying the bill, they are stuck with showing gratitude for the time the coaches have spent with their child.

I cannot help but feel that simple acts of appreciation are a thing of the past. If we cannot teach our children to say a simple thank you to those who are deserving of some appreciation, we as a society are in trouble.

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