The Ethical Child

Ethics… Exciting stuff I know but it is something we don’t really think about much any more. It seems to be lost on most people and if you were to ask the average person to define ethics, they would have difficulty doing it.

At one time ethics guided our daily lives, they were the foundation of most of our choices, not that we would stop and think “is this ethical?” but it was always underlying our decision making. We learned ethics from our parents, our church, our community and our schools and each of these social constructs would hold us to living up to an ethical standard.

Not only did ethics frame our daily lives, they were also the context in which our values were formed. The ethic came before the value and if the values did not satisfy our set of ethics, it was rejected not only by the individual but your family and ultimately society. Today however, our choices in life are frequently guided by our values and the ethical ramifications of what we place value in, have become an afterthought.

Now this wouldn’t be a big deal if societal values were still things like family, charity, healthy living, friendship, community BUT unfortunately our society seems to have degraded into one which values little more than money, sex and fame and how you acquire these things is secondary.

Please understand, I am not trying to say that everyone in our society is an unethical, sex driven, money grubbing, fame whoer but it is certainly the central theme of most or our Popular Culture.

What is concerning about this, is that our children are the primary consumers of the media driven culture we live in and where once there was some sort ethical standard underlying our societies culture, today there is none.

So how do we raise an ethical child in a cesspool of perversion? One that cares about others and does not live a pursuit of pleasure existence. In the next blog post we will discuss some possible stratagies you can follow in raising an ethical child and hopefully generate some good discussion in the process.

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