Fifty Dangerous Things

50dangerousthingsFor some strange reason, our society has decided that our children are in mortal danger all the time. It is a world where parents constantly fear for their children and their physical wellbeing. It is a world where a superficial flesh wound on our child’s flawless fresh flesh is unacceptable. It has become a world where every activity our children participate in, has to be measured, managed and engineered to the point that a true nitty-gritty, bump on the head, gash on the knee, bloody nosed life experience is impossible to find.  The result is that real life hands on experiences through “normal” play and exploration are becoming a thing of the past.

It is like we have all forgotten the old adage “That which doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger”

Now the pragmatic parents that are still out there have been scoffing at the ludicrous measures some people take to ensure their kids safety for years but one individual has made a significant living off of being the lone voice of sanity in the insane world of modern parenting.

Gever Tulley is the founder of a Blog and Summer Camp called  Tinkering School. His purpose was to provide modern bubble wrapped kids, exposure to healthy hands on life experiences that normal kids 20 years ago would be doing all the time.

I first encountered Gever when a friend sent me a video clip of a TED  presentation he did in 2007 called 5 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kid Do. As I watched the speak, I quickly realize that I was becoming one of these over protective parents who bubble wrap their kids in an effort to “protect” them from any harm. So taken with the presentation, that afterwards I Immediately went out and bought my 8 year old daughter a swiss army knife and let her at it.

When I heard that Gever had written a new book called Fifty Dangerous Things (you should let your children do) I was delighted! So many more dangerous things I could expose my kids to, it had to be good. Not only that, perhaps this new book meant that more people were starting to listen to his message.

This book is a practical well planned and level headed look at things you should be letting your kids do both with and without supervision. In fact so mundane are some of the activities, it is ludicrous to think that Gever would need to list such things as climbing trees, squishing pennies on a railway track or licking a 9 volt battery as dangerous but alas this is the point we have come to. All three are great learning opportunities for kids yet for some reason they have hit the list of horribly dangerous things your kids can do.

Get the book and let your kids live a little.

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