Your Kids Are Your Own Fault

I have to say, I  just howled when I saw this book being advertised online and just had to give it a read. It had that Old School Parenting ring to it and I couldn’t let it pass by without a comment. If nothing else buy this book  to leave laying out when you have those friends with the hellion children over.

Now what makes this book a little out of the ordinary is its author. Larry Winget is hardly what some might consider a parenting guru,  at least from the outside looking in. Larry looks more like he belongs on the cover of NASCAR Weekly magazine rather than Parenting Today. If the title of his book doesn’t take you aback, his physical appearance and Southern drawl certainly will. Winget definitely is not what we have come to expect from the typical “parenting expert”.

As if Larry’s book title and physical appearance weren’t enough, his background leading up this book is certainly out of the ordinary as well. Known in self help circles as the “Pit Bull of Personal Development”;  Larry’s previous books have focused on motivating people to get off their sorry butts and work towards personal and financial success. I have to say I haven’t read his previous two books You’re Broke Because You Want To Be and Its Called Work For A Reason but I just might give them a go after reading his latest.

This all comes together to beg the question… What is god’s name does Larry know about parenting? Well he knows just as much as the rest of us but what makes him new and interesting in the Parenting Help Book industry is that he is a throw back to the good old days when men were men, women were women and parents parented. This is completely void of the Namby Pamby parenting that has been the method dejuré for the past couple decades.

Larry lays it on the line and for the most part he gets it right. He even advocates talking to your kids about sex, which is almost new age when you think about it. I didn’t love everything though but hey no one is perfect.

I could have done without some of the anecdotal stuff not that it was bad but some of it was not necessary. The ADD section could and should have been addressed better, as it is a “parenting issue” and kids ARE over medicated but if you re going to mention it, you need to delve into it a bit deeper. Giving a  it a  simple “ADD wasn’t around when I was a kid” is not good enough. There is far more to it than just that and deserves a little more insight.

All in all the book is good and worth a read. It is definitely Old School Parenting in New Age World

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