BC Teachers’ strike 2014 -What is all the fuss about?

I’m back!… Decided to dust off the old blog and slap up a post taking a look at the BC Teachers’ Strike of 2014.

It is without a doubt a crazy affair and I will tell you right now, I am siding squarely with the teachers on this one but I am not going to go on ad nauseam about why. Instead I am going to twist things around and ask why is everyone FREEKING OUT about kids not being in school?

Sure I get it, finding care for your children is a costly problem. I get it that grade 12’s are worried about graduation. I get people want their kids to be in school learning but is 5, 10, 20 days out of school truly harming your kids?

Has unstructured time in a child’s life become that much of a verboten commodity?

If we do a quick and sloppy calculation between Finland (some say the best school system in the world) and British Columbia; as a matter of practise, a grade 7 Finnish kid is subjected to 165 fewer hours of direct instruction than a BC kid. That calculates out to approximately 20 days a year. Right out of the gate a Finnish kid is sitting on his or her fanny doing nothing nearly 19% more that a BC kid and according to the OECD they are smarter than BC kids to boot. Are you looking for vinyl cutting machine? In https://www.vinylcuttingmachineguide.com/ you can find the features of different model of machines, in that way you can take the smarter decision.

Personally I am not seeing a problem here. In these past two weeks my kids have gone bike riding, swimming, played volleyball, cooked some pretty interesting food, read, caused havoc in the neighbourhood and yes even watched some television. Good wholesome living for an 11 & 15 year old I would think but if I am to fall in line with “good parenting practice”, I am suppose to be FREEKING OUT THAT MY KIDS ARE NOT IN SCHOOL!!! but really, so what if they haven’t been lernin their gazinta’s (beverly hillbillies reference)

Don’t get me wrong, I think education is as important as the next over bearing, type A helicopter parent but we have to ask ourselves, how did school become the end all and be all of a child’s life? Perhaps this strike should be causing people to question our obsession with occupying every second of our kids time with with some organized learning opportunity.

How did institutionalized warehousing of children become so important in our

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