Hyper Parents & Coddled Children

Hyper Parents & Coddled Children finally aired this week and I was not disappointed. I have been waiting for this documentary for quite some time and it is finally here. CBC or the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation does some fine work and this documentary is no exception in its look at how we parent or “over” parent our children.

My keen interest in this documentary is because of two things. First is that the premise of this documentary is in line with my own opinions and who doesn’t like hearing that what they think is correct. .Secondly, some of the documentary features the community I work in.

The documentary takes a close and critical look at how parents today are undermining  their children’s potential  by creating an environment where they struggle for nothing.  A world where they never feel bad, get hurt or have to fight to succeed

The central notion is that our children are growing up in an insipid world where the emotions of fear, anxiety and  sadness are absent; replaced with a protective bubble of instant gratification. The parents role has been reduced to glorified personal assistant, ensuring that life’s bumps are smoothed out long before the child encounters them.

It is a Pandora’s box that was opened about 20 years ago and we are now beginning to reap what we have sewn.

This documentary looks at how parents have been…

  • Over Scheduling
  • Over Protecting
  • Over spending
  • Over stimulating
  • Over managing

… all to their children’s detriment.

Kids are no longer left to be kids and we are screwing up our children for life. For many this fine piece of work will be lost but for me it was yet another bit of  affirmation that Old school parenting is still the way to go.

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