Interesting Year For Parenting Old School

I like to look back every once in a while and check out which of my blog post have been most popular over the year and this has been a relatively good year for Parenting Old School. This blog has been around in various forms over the past few years but has only existed as Parenting Old School for little over a year and in this time it has been steadily growing in readership. Although the number of comments have been a wee bit disappointing, I feel that things are steaming along rather well.

In looking at my stats for the past year, the numbers would indicate that parents are looking to get back to some kind of reality based parenting. Of course this is not an exact science but my top posts for the year would indicate that people are looking back rather than forward when it comes to parenting well.

Fifty Dangerous Things

Modern Parent = Neurotic Child

Why Is My Teen So Trashy?

Swiss Army Knife – Child’s Play

Teaching Your Child Commitment – Part I

Hyper Parents & Coddled Children

It would seem that parents are coming to realize the absurdity of modern parenting. How obsessive, over indulgent, forever enabling, habitually hovering and constantly coddling our children could be creating a generation of neurotic, overindulged wimps.

I am hoping that this is some indication that people are realizing the modern world isn’t all that it is cracked up to be. That there is value in the way things were and that children are not a project in building the perfect person. That teaching our children independence and self reliance is not served by running around and ensuring your little darling’s wants are met as expediently as possible. That commitment to others and social responsibility come before our self centered needs. That the mindless emulation of superficial media driven media icons is a worthless and demeaning pursuit.

It has been a good year for my blog and in turn I have a little more hope for the future of the family and our children.


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