Just Say NO!

spoiled kid“No!” I love this word; it is so simple yet powerful. It can bring a child to tears but it can also save a life. It is the cornerstone of good parenting, a starting point, a base line, a default position from which you dictate how your child will grow into a useful and competent human.

Unfortunately, the word “No” seems to be in short supply these days. It would appear that parents have misplaced it somewhere or perhaps what they have lost is  the ability to utter the most perfect word in the English language.

At some point in the past twenty years, parents have been bamboozled into believing that they do not have the right to say NO to their progeny.  Parents have been hoodwinked into believing that it is in the best interest of their children to never say anything which might bruise their child’s fragile self esteem. The word “No” has become the verbal equivalent to a slap in the face, capable of doing as much damage as the physical version.

It is however,  incomprehensible to me that  such an important word in the lexicon of  verbs we use to parent our children, has been tossed out with the baby and the bathwater. Without the word “NO” we cease to be parental units and become parental eunuchs.

In the next few posts we will take a look at the word “NO” and what it means to parenting and why we are doing no favours for our children by not using it and making it mean something.

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