Teaching Your Child Commitment – Part I

Teaching commitment and dependability to a child can be a difficult thing to do but it is a vitally important personality trait to foster in any child. A simple illustration of just how important commitment and dependability are is to simply think of those in your life that you trust the most. Chances are these people are those you feel you can depend on. You know they are committed to you as a family member, a friend or a colleague and you put a good deal of faith in them. It is this type of person that is the fabric of our lives.

To assume that these personality traits are innate to ones person and blossom as a child matures can be a significant parenting mistake. You need to nurture and teach a child what being dependable is about and what making a commitment means. In this case, talk is cheap and you need to support your child’s development into becoming a dependable individual by providing opportunities to be committed to something.

My wife and I have approached this aspect of our children’s development through making our children be responsible to the activities they choose to participate in. It has been a great teaching tool and has provided us with some excellent opportunities to illustrate to our children what being committed to something and being dependable is all about. To date, my wife and I have found that sport is the best means of conveying what commitment and dependability is all about as it provides you with ample opportunities to teach these life lessons without much effort.

To illustrate this point I will use our eldest daughter as an example as she has taken the brunt of these real life lessons. This is not because she is in need of these lessons more than the youngest, just that, as with all eldest children they tend to get the rough road while the youngest sees learns and avoids the potholes… Read more in Part II

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