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Commitment & The Kid – Part 3

Well it is happening, my eldest daughter is turning into a teenager. She is on the back end of twelveteen and already she is thoroughly entrenched in the wing-nut behaviour that marks the early adolescent years. Although I have been working with teens for going on twenty years, I am not sure there is anything […]

What To Do?

Ah the life of a soccer parent. Oh so much fun and sometimes oh so difficult, especially when the game starts to become serious. Over they years, I have been a coach of various sports for youth and have seen the great, good, bad and the ugly when it came to parents. Parents come in […]

Teaching Your Child Commitment – Part II

My eldest daughter loves soccer more than anything. She loves practises, games, impromptu passing sessions in the back yard, you name it and she is in. The most significant opportunity to teach our little darling what commitment and dependability meant was this year just prior to Christmas. In our home, school comes first then activities […]