Old School Cyber Parent

The trouble with being an Old School Parent is that we live in a new age world.  High Speed, High Tech, High, High, High!

It is virtually impossible to compair the world I grew up in, to what my children experience. Try as I might to keep it “opld school”, high tech has a big influence on all aspects of my children’s life and there is little old me trying to keep it traditional.

The reality is that you cannot stop progress, you can just manage it and managing it oldschool is not all that difficult. It is mostly a common sense approach to parenting where once again… You as the parent are in control of your child’s environment. It is your responcibility and right to manage and monitor your child’s access to and use of technology.

In the next few weeks, I will be discussing how to keep your child safe(r) from the short comings of the ubiquitous presence of technology in your child’s life.

The Blogs to come will be as follows:

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