The Bain of the iPod

Ok perhaps I am a bit old school but why in gods name does a child of 10 need and ipod?

An iPod seems to be the must have gift of this holiday season for my eldest daughter but I am having a great deal of difficulty rationalizing why a child of ten years needs one.

If I am to look at the hard numbers of such a Christmas gift, assuming that each song she were to download was of the best possible quality at 320 kilobytes per second and in the neighborhood of 3 minutes long. A basic 8 gig iPod would hold about 1080 songs.

The problem is, this child’s play list is comprised of about 12 songs! from Miley Cyrus to Taylor Swift, Earth Wind & Fire and Steely Dan (don’t ask me about the last two). My daily incoming emails on my ipod touch take up more room. By the time she has a play list worth bragging about she will want the next best version and anything we got her this Christmas will be passe’

To buy her a iPod at this point would be based more on my own stupidity than her perceived need.

I discussed this with my students today at the end of class and they thought I was unnecessarily mean. They just couldn’t make the connection between the discrepancy between my daughters want and her actual needs. It was a stark lesson in how removed from reality our youth seem to be. Parents are seen as  nothing more than dispensers of goods based on our children’s momentary wants.

I think it is safe to say that an iPod is not in our daughters Christmas present. Perhaps one day we will weaken when the play list reaches a number beyond 100 but until then, I love being the Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

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