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Bang! Bang! My Kids Are Gun Safe

I had an outstanding time this past week camping with friends. There is nothing quite like being content sitting on a dock, staring out onto the water for hours or gathering about a campfire and staring hypnotically into the flames. What was even better was that the kids were happy with it too. It took […]

Geocaching – High Tech & Hide & Seek

Figured I would try something different this post and that is, provide a positive uplifting experience for my readers. Ok, every word won’t be a ray of sunshine but the main thesis will be all warm and cuddly. Every summer, at schools end, I try to grab something fun for the kids to do outside […]

Great Christmas Web Sites

As much of a scrooge as I can be, I still let my kids spend some time on the computer and over the years they seem to gravitate to three websites during the holiday season. The first is NORAD Santa Tracker, a must stop for your little ones. The graphics have really evolved since we […]