Great Christmas Web Sites

As much of a scrooge as I can be, I still let my kids spend some time on the computer and over the years they seem to gravitate to three websites during the holiday season.

NORADThe first is NORAD Santa Tracker, a must stop for your little ones. The graphics have really evolved since we started checking the site 8 years ago and for the little ones it looks like the real deal. My 10 year old figured out that it was digitally animated last Christmas but she is still excited about watching it this year. It is a sad statement when part of your Christmas tradition involves staring at a computer screen but hey… Welcome to the new world.

elfThe second must see Christmas website is Elf Yourself. It has been around for about 4 years and is absolutely hilarious. You need some images of you and your family and with these you create a great little flash movie of you and yours dressed up as elves dancing to one of your favourite Christmas songs. You can share it with friends and family via email and share a good laugh.7

s1_elfbowl I was sent the original Elf Bowling 7 years ago and have been downloading each years incarnation about this time and play it with my kids. It was originally a really simple game and to date the original is still my kids favourite. The newest versions are great and the graphics are fantastic but it seems that 10 and 6 year old’s like simple. If you just Google Elf Bowling then you can find all the different versions.

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