The Curmudgeon Candle Monger

CONSULTANTLOGOWow! I have to say I never imagined I would be a Wickless Candle Distributor. Actually I am not sure I can call myself a distributor yet, I have yet to sell a single candle but then again it has only been 24 hrs since pressing the “Join” button. I suppose I need the kit first and apparently it is on its way.

Normally I would not sign up for such a thing, as it is a bit outside of my areas of expertise and  interest but it seems like there may be some genuine opportunity.

New to Canada as of October 1, 2009 the distributor market has yet to be saturated with would be wickless candle tycoons. I might actually have a chance to corner the wickless candle market in North Vancouver. My issue now is how do I host a candle party? A big dim witted male selling intoxicating fragrances to the fairer gender. Now THAT is outside of my comfort zone. I am hoping I will be able to make a go of it from just online sales. Let us hope for all interests that this is the case.

Self deprecation aside, the product does look good. With an ever expanding product line there seems to be no shortage or items to sell. Check out the Fall 2009 Catalog if you want a better idea of what they offer or just go to the fancy schmancy website they gave me to promote the product.

Only time will tell if I become a Wickless Candle Tycoon but hey it is worth a go.

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